Our Partners


BioCarbN has assembled a team of industry leaders in engineering, construction, manufacturing, water treatment, and biogas technologies to provide innovative, environmentally friendly biosolid conversion systems.

McMahon Associates

McMahon Associates is a full-service engineering/architectural services firm. Their comprehensive professional services focus on both public and private clients and offer expertise in wastewater treatment, water supply, waste-to-energy, electrical and control systems, structural engineering, mechanical/electrical/plumbing (MEP), civil/site development, storm water management, and environmental services. They have received many awards for innovative anaerobic digester designs and wastewater treatment. These include:

  • Grand Prize for Excellence in Design from the American Academy of Environmental Engineers (AAEE) for the nation’s first and the world’s largest auto-thermal thermophilic aerobic digestion system for the stabilization of biosolids.
  • Grand Prize for Excellence in Engineering of Small Projects from the AAEE for the nation’s first full-scale temperature-phased anaerobic digestion system.

Miron Construction

Miron Construction is celebrating its 100th year in business and has surpassed $1 billion in annual volume. It has completed over $530 million in environmental projects over the last 10 years.

McMahon and Miron have an extensive history of working together and have been working continuously over the past four years on waste-to-energy design-build projects. They have developed digital tools and procedures for a well-documented and efficient design and construction process that are used to keep BioCarbN abreast and engaged in project progress, with nearly real-time review and input from team members and owner.


Waterleau is a recognized leader in the waste management and conversion industry. The firm has projects in 85 countries and 400 references for converting organic pollution into energy. These projects produce 42,300 MMBTU per day.


Pentair is considered one of the top gas upgrading systems globally, and is uniquely capable of extracting carbon dioxide (CO2) instead of venting it. The result of capturing the CO2 is an increased “decrease” in the LCFS carbon intensity score and additional revenue streams as the captured CO2 is beverage-grade.


Pondtech designs and operate scalable bioreactors that use society’s most abundant product – industrial greenhouse gases – and specialized growing systems to cultivate algae and other crops. The systems effectively close the carbon loop and create wealth from waste.