BioCarbN offers the full range of technology and expertise to turn biosolids into useful energy and related byproducts in an environmentally sustainable manner.


Anerobic Digestion

We use this process to break down various organic materials (biosolids feedstock) into gases, solids and liquids that then can be transformed into a range of useful products.

Biogas Treatment/Monetization

Anaerobic digestion produces biogases consisting primarily of methane and carbon dioxide. Both gases can be processed to reduce environmental impacts and provide marketable commodities.

Natural Gas Distribution

Removing the carbon dioxide, water and other impurities provides the methane to be treated to quality levels that allow its distribution as renewable natural gas through a local pipeline.

Carbon Dioxide Sequestration/Algae Production

We use the carbon dioxide to grow algae or capture it for various industrial uses, eliminating its release into the atmosphere. In addition, the algae can be used for animal feed, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, or as an energy source to produce biofuels, vegetable oil, plastics, etc.

Fertilizer, Soil Amendment Production

Output from the BioCarbN system will be processed into natural liquid fertilizer and soil amendment.

Wastewater Treatment

Our technology/process converts the remaining wastewater into water that can be reused for various manufacturing production processes.


  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions through carbon sequestration
  • Zero wastewater discharge/clean water reuse
  • Commercial quality natural gas
  • Natural fertilizers, soil amendments, animal feed
  • Reduced production costs
  • Reduced permit costs/requirements
  • Potential new revenue sources
  • Local jobs/positive economic impact for local community
  • Environmental sustainability